Introduction ActionScript 3.0

I know ActionScript 3.0 is, well, dead in most people’s eyes. Really it has gone from a panacea to a niche product. And there is still plenty of stuff going on in that niche. I can think of no better product for making things like kiosks and inexpensive, heavily interactive experiences. Also AS3 is the best intro language to OOP programing I’ve ever seen and is a great learning block for java/android app dev. This course is designed as an introduction to AS3 and also as an intro to any OOP dev. Enjoy

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I'm a partner in a company, MotionKick, based in the grand city of Chicago. MotionKick specializes in motion graphics, web design & dev and custom application development. In addition I taught several topics including AS3 over the last 10 years. I host my own AS3 tutorial site at